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關於我 / ABOUT



1982  出生於台灣

2005  自學攝影

2006  台灣國立中央大學經濟學系畢業

2014  赴日求學

2015  參與NPO動物平權攝影計畫





1982  Born in Taiwan

2005  Self learning photography

2006  Graduated from National Central University 

2014  Went abroad in Japan

2015  Working with NPO on Animal Welfare Projects 

After years of trying, I began to realize the meaning of photography to me. It helped me understand what I am capable of and not, and it helped me be honest with the real self. Although I have been through many assignments these years, I decided to take photos only for myself from now on.

I like things in their natural way, including dogs, plants, and people on the street. To get good results from them, skills have never been the most important thing. It is luck, and the understanding and adapting of this world that matters.

In the end, to truly know myself and this world has already become my lifework.

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